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Monforts to highlight new energy saving solutions at ITM Texpo

The new Thermex (c) 2012 Monforts
At the forthcoming ITM Texpo Euroasia 2012 in Istanbul, April 21 – 24, Monforts new energy saving solutions and latest developments will be highlighted on the stands of its two representatives in Turkey; Masters Tekstil – Hall 7, Booth 712B and Elitez Tekstil – Hall 3, Booth 312.

+ Special emphasis will be given to energy saving solutions and environmental protection with new Monforts equipment and processes at the ITM Texpo Euroasia 2012.


With the emphasis on energy saving solutions and environmental protection, the new products and process technology include the Montex 8000 stenter with Eco-booster heat recovery module, the Thermex T-CA, a new Econtrol® T-CA process and the Eco Applicator soft coating solution.

Further, Monforts technologists will be on hand to offer advice for ‘classical’ textile and technical textile processing techniques.

Montex 8000

The Montex 8000 stenter features a new heat recovery module incorporating a fully automatic cleaning system for its heat recovery system; a reduced distance at the infeed for knitted fabrics; a new rotating disc type ‘fluff sieves’ and a vacuum system for efficient cleaning; and further improved visualisation for the company’s Teleservice facility.

The stenter is available with a reduced infeed distance between the infeed roller and the needling point for knitted fabrics, preventing eventual edge curling. The distance has been further reduced by 60 mm.

Heat recovery module

A new heat recovery module ‘Eco booster HRC’ with a fully automatic cleaning system replaces the earlier manually cleaned, tube system; ensuring continuous uninterrupted high availability. The system is integrated into the Montex roof and requires no additional ductwork. 


Thermex T-CA

The new Thermex continuous dyeing process offers reduced chemicals, energy and water consumption when compared with conventional pad-dry thermosol pad-steam process together with lower investment costs and excellent fabric fastness.

Econtrol® T-CA process

A considerably shortened and more economic dyeing process is assured for continuous dyeing of polyester and cotton blends following the introduction of the new Econtrol® T-CA process.Jointly developed with DyStar Colours it provides a single pad continuous dyeing process for polyester/cellulose blends and requires up to 65% less water, up to 85% less chemicals and offers up to energy reduction.

Eco Applicator soft coating solution

The new Eco Applicator soft coating process provides significant energy savings with reduced liquor application and also eliminates the need for a conventional wet-on-wet padder.

Using trough and roller techniques, the new process applies just the required amount of liquid/coating to the fabric via contact with a roller.

The range is suitable for a wide range of applications including felt finishes, coated materials and medical textiles, nano coating, water repellence, softners, flame retardency and insect repellent.

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