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EFI Reggiani to participate in innovate textile & apparel virtual trade show

EFI™ Reggiani, a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable solutions for the textile industry, will take part in the World Textile Information Network (WTiN) Innovate Textile & Apparel Virtual Trade Showfrom October 15 to 30.

EFI Reggiani’s green processes and innovative solutions deliver significant advantages for the ‘new normal’ in textile and apparel production

Like many industry groups around the world that have begun re-thinking tradeshows out of concern for public health, WTiN launched the tradeshow as an online event designed to reconnect innovation in the value chain.

EFI Reggiani textile solutions to be featured at the event include a complete range of digital and analogue printers and pre- and post-treatment lines. Plus, the event’s display of EFI Reggiani technologies will also feature one of the industry’s broadest line-ups of high-end, superior-quality textile inks, together with short, sustainable processes – such as pigment and direct sublimation printing – as well as greener, eco-friendly denim dyeing solutions.

Innovation in Green

EFI Reggiani textile solutions are changing the way textile and apparel products are designed and produced, bringing environmental sustainability to the industry in a big way. Today, the core of EFI Reggiani technology development is about sustainable solutions under the theme of Innovation in Green.

“Sustainability, new online business opportunities and smart processes are the key advantages for the ‘new normal’ that we are addressing with the EFI Reggiani portfolio of solutions,” said EFI Reggiani Vice President and General Manager Adele Genoni. “In textiles, the longstanding move towards more sustainable solutions that are also productive and efficient has quickened because of COVID-19, accelerating the adoption of digital technologies. Green and sustainability, nearshoring and reshoring, and the growth of online shopping will be the rising trends, and all those trends finding their perfect answer in digital printing and shorter, greener processes.”

Pigment and sublimation processes for business success

One of the solutions to be featured at the WTiN event, EFI Reggiani TERRA, brings the advantages of pigment to digital printing. EFI Reggiani TERRA eliminates the need for steaming or washing on direct-to-textile applications using a greener, more-efficient polymerisation process that takes place as printed fabric goes through the printer’s on-board dryer. The EFI Reggiani TERRA solution features four different printer models – a complete line-up to accompany customers through their digital journey from small scale to mass production.

EFI Reggiani TERRA merges unparalleled reliability from decades of experience in textile digital printing with the cutting-edge innovation of a new pigment with binder ink offering. Users can achieve superior results – including excellent wet and dry fastness, intense colours and fine detail reproduction – while using less time, water and energy. EFI Reggiani TERRA pigments also provide excellent printing definition and colour intensity with an eight-colour configuration that includes red, blue, orange and green inks in addition to the standard CMYK.

Another solution showcased at the event, the EFI Reggiani BOLT printer, is the industry’s truly cutting-edge, next-generation single-pass textile solution, offering boosted uptime and reliability, high performance throughout, and outstanding printing uniformity and accuracy. The 1.9-metre wide printer, which last month received a 2020 InterTech™ Technology Award from the leading U.S. printing association, PRINTING United Alliance, is the only digital textile printer capable of reaching speeds up to 90 metres per minute on fabric.

For polyester printing, EFI Reggiani features a direct-to-fabric sublimation solution that ensures superior colour brightness and penetration. Users benefit from fast turnaround time while increasing their sustainability by avoiding transfer paper waste. The core of the process is EFI Reggiani IRIS sublimation ink – a dual-use ink suitable for both transfer paper and direct-to-fabric printing – combined with the wide range of highly productive and reliable EFI Reggiani digital printers.

The EFI Mezzera DENIM line – the latest innovation in the renowned Mezzera line of low-impact indigo dyeing and finishing solutions – uses patented Nitrogen Indigo technology to deliver greater sustainability in denim production. Key advantages include an up to 35-40% reduction in chemical usage, up to 6.5% higher indigo intensity, improved colour fastness, deeper sulphur dyeing shades with no steaming and a smaller machinery footprint.

During the Innovate tradeshow, EFI Reggiani will also take part in the 20 October “Clash of the Titans” roundtable chaired by WTiN, which will bring together industry leaders to debate the future of textile inkjet printing.

EFI Reggiani innovations are the result of extensive research targeted at improving productivity and quality, optimising the textile manufacturing process, and reducing energy and water consumption. Green EFI Reggiani processes also give users fast, complete and sustainable solutions across a broad range of textile applications. For more information about EFI’s portfolio of solutions for the textile and apparel industries, visit

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