Lenzing’s VEOCEL™ brand showcased latest nonwovens innovations and technologies at INDEX™20

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Setting a hopeful precedence for climate commitment within the nonwovens industry, Lenzing was invited to showcase its latest innovations and technologies, and meet industry partners and customers at the INDEX™20 fair, which took place after a two year wait. At the fair, Lenzing focused on creating awareness of the VEOCEL™ brand, highlighting our newly launched carbon neutral VEOCEL™ branded lyocell fibers and the lyocell fibers with the patented Dry technology.

As anticipated, Lenzing’s products were met with great interest at the fair and customers and attendees were able to come onsite and feel our VEOCEL™ branded fibers. Beyond displaying its nonwovens fiber innovations, INDEX™20 also provided Lenzing with an opportunity to educate customers and industry partners about the technology behind the development of these fibers. Through attending the fair and interacting with our customers, we hope to better address the evolving needs for the whole nonwovens industry. Our ultimate goal is to be more transparent and sustainable.

As a global connector in the nonwovens sphere, INDEX™20 continues to be a key event for Lenzing to build awareness around the VEOCEL™ brand, as well as interact with industry stakeholders. Heinz Jakob, Lenzing AG’s Senior Commercial Director (EU/AM/MEA) sees INDEX™20 as a window of new opportunities, adding that, “In view of the ongoing and unpredictable changes that are happening around the world, INDEX™20 has been a fresh restart and a sign of positivity for us and the industry at large. We are happy to have participated in this event.”

With Lenzing´s unwavering commitment, the VEOCEL™ brand will continue guiding and partnering with retailers, brands and the whole nonwovens industry to improve carbon footprint and environmental impact of raw materials and products.

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