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Jury convinced by innovations in the performance wear- & footwear sectors

The PERFORMANCE DAYS team looks forward to welcoming trade visitors on October 4 and 5, 2023, as usual at Messe München exhibition grounds in Hall A5 and now also in Hall A6. For the first time, the event organizers will present a separate area for innovations in the footwear segment.

With this in mind, the jury for the Fall/Winter 2025/26 season not only sifted through the latest fabrics for performance wear for both the PERFORMANCE FORUM & the new FOOTWEAR FORUM, but took an especially close look at innovations in the footwear sector. In total, two PERFORMANCE AWARDS, two ECO PERFORMANCE AWARDS and a JURY AWARD for footwear were presented.

Focus Topic: Revolution or Evolution? From Membranes to Carbon Story

Troubled times pose fundamental questions: Is it better to evolve or to revolutionize? Evolution involves the improvement of existing products without making significant changes whereas a revolution entails radical change. This year’s Focus Topic therefore takes an in-depth look at the issue of “Evolution and Revolution: From Membranes to Carbon Story”. True to this motto, the jury will be taking a close look at exciting membrane alternatives that this fall has to offer, now that the use of PFAS has been permanently banned as of February 2023. Manufacturers are showcasing some great examples, such as electro-spun ion- conductive polymer membranes, which have grown significantly in importance since the PFC ban. In general, (poly) olefins have become a popular replacement for microporous membranes, while hydrophilic systems offer better permeability. Additionally, solvent-free options are available for PU membranes. Furthermore, manufacturers are making great advances in the use of non-hazardous chemicals on polyamides and in bio-based membranes. The debate over whether to prioritize waterproofing over breathability remains key, as no universal measurement scale is available to all. When we talk about a low carbon footprint, this ranges from fibers derived from regenerative agriculture to fibers that use pre-sequestered carbon and are applied to synthetic yarns.

In the Marketplace, visitors have the opportunity to view a wide variety of exhibitor products, including the fabric highlights of the individual categories at the PERFORMANCE FORUM and of course, at the newly launched FOOTWEAR FORUM. In order to provide visitors with as realistic a feel, design and structure as possible, the PERFORMANCE FORUM has been equipped with new 3D technology, including innovative tools such as 3D images, video animations and U3MA files for download.

Two AWARDS for Performance

For the Fall/Winter 2025/26 season, the jury presented two awards for outstanding fabrics – with the PERFORMANCE AWARD going to the IdeaTex Co. Ltd. for “EN- R324-3L”, and the ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD presented to Bristex Co. Ltd. for its “BX-PDEW260R-3UXPL”.

PERFORMANCE AWARD WINNER: For the first time, a fabric from the Safety, Durability and Health category managed to win over the jury. The profound, enormously abrasion-resistant nylon is robust, making it ideal for use in extremely durable apparel. The fabric features waterproof and breathable qualities. The product is multi-applicable and suitable for uniforms, workwear or for use in extreme outdoor conditions.

ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD WINNER: The 3-layer fabric “BX-PDEW260R-3UXPL” from Bristex Co.Ltd. convinced the jury as “Monomaterial at its best“. In detail, it comprises of recycled PES on the front and back, along with recyclable PET adhesive and a recycled PET membrane. Normally, fabrics are bonded with PU-type adhesives, but this material becomes a 100 percent recyclable monomaterial by the use of PET- type adhesives.

Three AWARDS for the footwear segment

In order to provide space for innovations and new developments in the footwear segment, there will be a separate Footwear Forum in addition to the Performance Forum. Here, the latest exciting developments will be presented in the most important categories, such as “Upper Synthetics”, “Upper Leather”, “Additional Materials“, “Adhesive Membranes”, “Accessories“ or “Complete Shoe Insoles/Midsoles”. In addition, a separate Performance Days Footwear Jury presented Footwear Awards in three categories.


PERFORMANCE AWARD WINNER: HDry in cooperation with Scarpa managed to convince the jury in this category. It is particularly surprising to see a high- performance model for athletes from the world of mountain sports with hardly any seams and the membrane directly on the outer fabric. Despite PFAS-free membrane technology, the shoe convinces with its enormous robustness and water resistance. ECO PERFORMANCE AWARD WINNER: In this category, Hohenstein in cooperation with Lowa managed to score most points. The Lady Light GTX model is 100 % Oeko- Tex certified despite its more than 100 components. Features include a midsole made of 100% PU, an insole made of 10% mesh, 40% polyester and 50% visco-elastic latex foam. The upper material is made of 100 % nubuck leather.

JURY AWARD: Die Suedwolle Group is committed to the use of 100 % wool qualities as upper material in the footwear segment. Not only does the biodegradable fabric ensure environmental friendliness, moreover, the single component structure contributes to recyclability. Additionally, wool is odor-resistant, providing optimal climate management for the foot.

Marco Weichert, CEO Performance Days: “The spring trade fair already clearly showed how important it is to have a common platform for exchanging ideas among each other on the one hand, and on the other hand, to illustrate what kind of dynamics are currently prevailing within the entire industry. We consider the fact that we decided to integrate the footwear market into the winter edition of Performance Days a necessary extension. Now finally, suppliers from the footwear sector also have the opportunity to meet decision-makers from international brands all concentrated in one place at the appropriate time to present their solutions and build long-term relationships.”


PERFORMANCE DAYS “functional fabric fair” was founded in 2008 as the first and only event specifically dedicated to functional textiles for sportswear and workwear. The aim of the biannual fair is to provide suppliers, service providers and manufacturers of high-quality and innovative textiles the opportunity to present functional fabrics and membranes as well as coatings, laminates, padding, finishes and accessories such as yarns, tapes, prints, buttons and zippers.

Professional visitors to the fair - designers, product managers, buyers and decision- makers from almost all European sports fashion and functional apparel manufacturers (list available online: Visitor List) – have direct access to the entire portfolio of high-quality materials at exactly the right times in April/May und October/November. Thanks to the specialization in functional textiles, the timing is chosen accordingly early and optimally with summer and winter sports collections in mind. The current exhibitor list is available online under “Supplier Search”.

The calm and concentrated working atmosphere distinguishes the functional fabric fair from other, often less clearly navigable and stressful trade fairs. This is also a factor that makes the Munich fair in the heart of the European sportswear industry the top address for new fabrics, innovations and the ideal industry meeting point for business relationships.

In the unique PERFORMANCE FORUM at PERFORMANCE DAYS, visitors gain an inspiring and knowledgeable overview of exhibitor’s new materials, trends and innovations. The (ECO) PERFORMANCE AWARD presentation will also take place here.

Top-class Expert Talk Webinars round off the information on offer. All talks are also available for viewing online after the fair ends - see “Expert Talk Archive”.

Admission to the fair and its program are free of charge for trade fair visitors. More information and registration at: www.performancedays.com

The Digital Fair with its Marketplace are available all year round for sourcing inspiration!

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