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Delivery of "Thermofix TFE" Flatbelt Laminator

Thermofix TFE S 1.800 Eco © 2023 Schott & Meissner
Company Horda Stans AB, based in Horda / Sweden recently installed a “Thermofix TFE” flatbed-laminator from Schott & Meissner Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH.

Schott & Meissner´s flatbed laminator “Thermofix TFE” is an electrical heated double belt press, which is available in various sizes and executions.

“Horda benefits from this machine type for their production of acoustical sheets, lamination, insulation for heat pumps and other customer orders”. According to Michael Stalla, Sales Director of S&M, the machine grants small- and medium sized companies like Horda the flexibility in terms of processing different materials used for a wide range of different applications.

The main advantages of this machine type are the fast heat transfer and quick heat-up time as well as the short preparation time for production changes.

This allows Horda to react flexible on customer requests, increasing their production and keeping the high quality for which Horda is known for.

The team of Horda around Mr. Gabriel Petersson pointed out the high quality of the machine as well as the professional way of handling and commissioning this line.

Both companies benefit from this project and look forward to continuing their relationship. 

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