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The new and smart way of weft-straightening | PLEVA SL smart

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A high quality fabric is an essential requirement for any finisher who intends to ensure a consistency in quality and resource-efficiency. A particularly important quality criterion in this respect is fabric with straight weft and course. In order to achieve this in an optimum manner, the automatic straightening machine StraightLiner SL smart by PLEVA offers an extremely high level of efficiency which makes it possible to correct distortions over the shortest length of fabric.

Overview of key features

The straightening machine SL smart is designed particularly for knitted and light woven fabrics with a plurality of new design solutions. SL smart is customizable to directly fit the individual customer needs and all at the most efficient cost. According to PLEVAs many years of expertise in the textile industry, the focus of the product is on individual processes and fabrics with their specific needs. To optimally address these needs of the respective applications, several options for customization like fully-integrated accessories for tension-sensitive fabrics, Industry 4.0 applications and more are possible. 

© 2021 Pleva
© 2021 Pleva

The heart of the SL smart system is the well-established advanced traversing camera technology which is unique in weft-straightening. The universal high-resolution camera captures up to 20 measuring points per meter of fabric width. Advanced evaluation algorithms ensure an ultra-precise distortion analysis which enable perfect straightening results in a blink of time.

To get the most out of the ultra-precise distortion detection, PLEVA also offers an innovative solution for the positioning drives. This enables customers to get perfectly straight results out of the fabrics.

To further enhance the production process, a new customizable user-interface was designed. It displays all important information at one glance, so customers can work more efficiently and stress free.

Meet the highest standards of sustainability and efficiency

Nowadays, products have to meet economical as well as ecological standards. Thus, the new PLEVA weft-straightener SL smart not only helps customers to get the best quality out of their goods, but also improves the sustainability of production.

Due to the first-time-right-principle, the customer only has to go one round through the production line with the fabric and produces directly the aimed result. This saves energy and valuable resources. In addition, due to the higher quality of the goods, there are no more costly readjustments or wasted fabrics and complaints can be reduced drastically. This is not only good for textile producers and customers, but also for the environment.

Finally, a modular control system (PLEVATEC smart) can be directly integrated into the machine. This allows to measure, control, visualize, and protocol the critical parameters of the specific process, for instance:

- Exhaust humidity (FSX)

- Fabric temperature (TDS)

- Pick/course density (CAM)

- Residual moisture (RR)

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