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Kyocera "FOREARTH" prints fabric for Paris Fashion Week

Kyocera has announced that a collaboration work designed and created by Mr. Kunihiko Morinaga, a designer and founder of the Japanese fashion brand "ANREALAGE," using the fabric printed by Kyocera’s inkjet textile printer "FOREARTH", has been announced at the 2024-25 Fall/Winter womenswear collection in Paris Fashion Week. This collection was held in Paris, France from Monday, February 26 to Tuesday, March 5, 2024. The collaboration work with Kyocera was announced on Tuesday, February 27.

Background of this collaboration

Mr. Kunihiko Morinaga sympathized with the concept of "FOREARTH", an inkjet textile printer that dramatically reduced water usage contributing to solve long-standing issues in the textile and apparel industries, such as printing-related water pollution and waste resulting from the mass disposal of overstocked fabric and clothing. That's how this collaboration realized.

Features of the inkjet textile printer "FOREARTH"

1) Water Free Concept 

Dramatically reduces water usage in textile printing.

2) Creative Free

Proprietary pigment ink realizes both soft hand-feel prints and high fastness in a wide range of fabrics.

3) Location Free

Textile printing does not rely on water resources, so it supports optimized production volumes and optimized manufacturing location setting and contributes to the reduction of logistic costs, time, and excess inventories.

Kyocera FOREARTH © 2024 Kyocera
Kyocera FOREARTH © 2024 Kyocera

The fabric printed by the sustainable inkjet textile printer FOREARTH (Photo: Business Wire)
The fabric printed by the sustainable inkjet textile printer FOREARTH (Photo: Business Wire)

Mr. Kunihiko Morinaga made the following comment: "The theme of this collection is “OBJECT”. I pursued the way of clothes for inanimate objects, not humans. The show has taken on the world 100 years from now, in the 22nd century. 

In this show, I tried to express the concept of FOREARTH to reduce water usage in the form of clothes and showed a dress like a drop of water. I was very impressed that the fabric printed with FOREARTH achieves the vibrant and high-definition expression even with little water, and that the softness of the fabric was maintained. 

FOREARTH enables us to express what we have not been able to achieve before, and it is very important for our own creation leading to the future, the 22nd century."!

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