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MS Printing Solutions congratulates SK Group company from Russia and personally the owner of the company, Mr. Evgeny Suvorov, on the purchase of the fifth MS printing machine.


Thus, the SK Group company becomes a member of the "Club 5+"  consisting of owners of five or more industrial printing machines. We are especially pleased that Evgeny became the first member of this club in Russia and is one of the five largest digital printing companies in Eastern Europe.

All printing machines installed in the SK Group company are hybrid, so they can print both on sublimation paper and directly on fabric. Thanks to the use of certified inks produced at the JK Group factory, as well as timely maintenance of the equipment, in 4 years of operation, none of the printing machines has been idle due to a malfunction for more than one hour. 

© 2021 MS Printing Solutions
© 2021 MS Printing Solutions

Mr. Andrea Barbiani, Vice-President of MS Printing Solutions, would like to thank our partner in Russia, “Textile and Technologies” company.

The fruitful efforts of T&T have been crowned with undeniable success - more than 20 MS industrial printers have been installed and launched recently, which provided an unattainable advantage for other competitors. The share of our printers in Russia in the segment of industrial digital printing equipment confidently occupies more than 50% of the market.?Such an overwhelming advantage was made possible thanks to the organization of a service department based at T&T. A full staff of engineers who were trained in Italy at the MS factory have all the necessary knowledges, skills, spare parts and software to independently carry out all types of repairs and start up all scanning printers.


During the period of restriction to the manufacturer's employee movement due to a pandemic, the T&T service department brilliantly coped with the tasks. All installations of new printers and remounting of the fourth machine were carried out in full compliance with the strict rules of the MS company on the timing and quality of work without the involvement of MS employees.

© 2021 MS Printing Solutions
© 2021 MS Printing Solutions

All engineers of Textile and Technologies have certificates confirming their right to install and service MS Printing Solutions printing machines and undergo annual refresher courses at the equipment manufacturer's premises. MS Printing Solutions wishes success to SK Group and looks forward to continued cooperation.

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