Toray subsidiaries to exhibit at Composites Europe

Toray Industries, Inc., announced that five subsidiaries will take part in Composite Europe 2019 , the 14th European Trade Fair & Forum for Composites, Technology and Applications. This event will be at Messe Stuttgart in Germany from Tuesday, September 10-12. The Toray Group booth location will be 7C35.

Carbon fiber and composite materials subsidiaries Toray Carbon Fibers Europe , Zoltek , Composite Materials (Italy) , Delta-Preg , and Toray Advanced Composites will for the first time collectively showcase integrated solutions from diverse product lineups leveraging the Group’s comprehensive materials and process technology capabilities. 

Over the years, Toray has amassed a strong reputation for consistently excellent quality and reliability. In recent years, it has devoted considerable effort to developing carbon fibers with ultrahigh tensile strengths and elastic modulus performance, overcoming an ostensible trade-off between those two attributes.

One such offering is TORAYCA® T1100, which has remained the world’s strongest carbon fiber since its launch in 2014. An ever-growing range of applications for this product includes high-end sports equipment, race cars, and aerospace structural materials. In November 2018, Toray expanded its lineup with the TORAYCA® MX series of prepregs, including TORAYCA® M40X, which delivers 30% more tensile strength. The company plans to keep bolstering its lineup in this series to match emerging market needs.

Toray has positioned carbon fiber composites as a strategic growth business under Project AP-G 2019, its medium-term management program. The company is accordingly investing heavily and undertaking technical R&D to expand this business. Toray will strengthen groupwide collaboration to swiftly capitalize on market opportunities, helping to lighten parts and components in aircraft, automobiles, and other areas, resulting in energy savings. 

It will also transform societies by harnessing the power of materials to contribute to such fossil fuel alternative energy fields as natural gas and hydrogen gas tanks and such renewable energy areas as wind turbine blades. 

Toray Group carbon fiber composites businesses in Europe  

(c) 2019 Toray
(c) 2019 Toray


Toray Carbon Fibers Europe

  • Manufacturing and marketing of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber


  • Manufacturing, and marketing of large tow carbon fiber composite materials
  • Manufacturing of Polyphenylene Sulfide Resin compounds


  • Manufacturing and marketing of carbon fiber fabrics and prepregs


  • Development and manufacturing of resin matrices for carbon fiber prepregs
  • Manufacturing and marketing of carbon fiber prepregs

Toray Advanced Composites

  • Manufacturing and marketing of thermoplastic laminates / prepregs and thermoset prepregs for aerospace and industrial markets

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