Hexcel and Arkema to open a joint research and development laboratory in Les Avenières, France

Hexcel and Arkema have announced that they will open a joint research and development laboratory in Les Avenières (Isère), France in April.

This follows the companies’ previous announcement in March 2018 that they were forming a strategicalliance to develop thermoplastic composite solutions for the aerospace sector, combining theexpertise of Hexcel in carbon fiber and Arkema in PEKK.

The companies’ objective at this new lab is to develop carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic prepregtapes to enable lightweight parts to be produced for future generations of aircraft. These solutions willprovide lightweight and cost effective technologies including faster production cycles for customers inthe aerospace and the space and defense sectors.

Thanks to Hexcel and Arkema’s close collaboration, an initial industrial pilot line will be installed in thenew lab in the coming weeks. The companies expect to start supplying carbon/thermoplastic UDtapes from this pilot line to customers for evaluation beginning in Q3 2019.

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