Rosink cot grinding machines at new Saurer Group in Suzhou

Rosink Cot Grinding Machine SZ1 A HA and Rosink Cot Grinding Machine „Robby“ (c) 2013 Rosink
Successful collaboration ensures continuous first class cot surface quality. 10 years ago Rosink installed its first fully automatic cot grinding machine, model SZ1 A, at the Saurer Groups Chinese factory in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

Today Rosink proudly announces the latest development: new special holding mechanism that allows trouble free and accurate grinding cots for texturing nip rollers.

The close cooperation between Rosink and Saurer Components’ Accotex and Texparts specialists resulted in a product that allows Saurer Components to use the Rosink grinding machine for an even wider range of applications. The new holding mechanism will be applied, together with a holding mechanism for long cots for pre-spinning, in the multi-functional semi-automatic cot grinding machine, model SZ1 HA, which was recently purchased by Rosink’s long term business partner Saurer Components GmbH in Münster, Germany. The grinding machine will be installed at Saurer’s facility in Suzhou soon, along with a universal hydraulic press, model AZ11H.

Since many years multiple Rosink (and former Peter Wolters) cot grinding machines are performing an excellent job at Saurer Components facilities in Münster, Singapore and in Suzhou.

Rosink has multiple new product developments that were engineered in Germany and introduced to the textile industry.  

One example is the most powerful Rosink cot grinding machine SZ1 A TWIN. This machine enables fully automatic grinding of a double pair ring spinning top rollers. Production capacity: 500 top roller pairs / hour and more!

Since 1947 Rosink manufactures parts, components, machine assemblies and machines for the textile industry. 125 employees at Rosink’s facility in Nordhorn Germany are grateful for this Milestone.


Pic: Rosink Cot Grinding Centre SZ1 A + HA + RMM1 

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