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Killer Brand uses Sorona® in launch of sustainable yarn dyed shirting fabrics made with bio-based materials in a new format

© 2023 Killer Brand
CovationBio, a leading global company offering bio-based solutions, announces the latest innovation from its bio-based polymer brand Sorona®, in collaboration with Killer (KKCL in National Stock Exchange, India), a young, trendy, vibrant fashion brand with an attitude. The release of this collection brings an innovation to the shirting world with Sorona® polymer treated in a hank dyeing process for the first time. The new application for shirting offers a two-way stretch with Sorona® polymer removing the need for spandex.

The collaboration between CovationBio and Killer combines cotton and Sorona® polymer to create a garment with exceptional comfort, moisture management, luxurious drape, and a superior hand feel in addition to vibrant color, and outstanding stretch and recovery. The new global collection expands the future of sustainable textiles in casual fashion, streamlining the method for dyeing Sorona® polymer and reducing the processing time for colored stretch fabrics made with Sorona® polymer.

Sorona® polymer, made from 37% annually renewable plant-based ingredients, offers a high-performing, responsibly sourced material option. Fibers made with Sorona® polymer are currently used in various apparel applications, including athleisure and athletic wear, insulation, swimwear, outerwear, suiting, faux fur, and more. Sorona® polymer is a USDA Certified Biobased Product, has earned Class 1 certification as an OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 product, and is bluesign® approved. 

© 2023 Killer Brand
© 2023 Killer Brand

“The traditional yarn dyed checked fabrics lack stretch and Sorona® polymer fills the void. While the yarn dyed concept is not new, Mr. Rakesh Basa, Technical Manager from the Killer team, challenged us to develop a process that would still work with Sorona® polymer. The excellent stretch and recovery displayed by the yarns must be maintained through the yarn dyeing and fabric development process. Working closely with our strategic value chain partners, we delivered this innovative solution to the Killer brand team who realized the potential to add an entirely new category to their shirting portfolio,” said Neelmani Verma, South Asia Mill Manager & Technology Specialist for CovationBio.

“At KKCL, we are driven by a strong desire to constantly keep pace with the newest trends that are attractive to Gen Z, our core customer segment, that values performance and style in equal measure. Shirting is a growing segment within our menswear portfolio. We chose Sorona® polymer as a key innovation to bring the elements of comfort, stretch, recovery, and moisture management. We believe in close customer engagement and have enabled that through these new garments that deliver both performance and sustainability. Our collaboration with the CovationBio team is an important step towards innovation that balances three key elements for our offerings – style, comfort, and fashion,” added Hemant Jain, Joint Managing Director, KKCL and Killer Brand Leader.

“Sorona® polymer in yarn dyed format is an innovation that simplifies the overall fabric processing and maintains and delivers superior performance and an additional degree of design freedom. The Killer brand team was looking at new ways to innovate in the arena of yarn dyed shirting. They realized fibers made with Sorona® polymer present a unique way to bring comfort and youthful vibrancy to their garments and express the spirit of what their brand stands for - freedom in movement that displays both style and substance. We were fortunate to work with the Killer brand who have a strong pulse of the needs of their customer and are pioneers in this space,” said Dr. Michael Saltzberg, CEO, CovationBio.

© 2023 Killer Brand
© 2023 Killer Brand

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