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Hyosung Advanced Materials elects CHO Yong-Soo as its new President

Mr. CHO Yong-Soo was elected as an inside director at the periodic General Meeting of Shareholders held on March 16 and then as President at a session of the Board of Directors on March 18.

He graduated from Yonsei University (Department of Public Policy and Management) and started working for Hyosung BASF in 1987, growing as a core talented employee by building experience in sales, marketing, planning, and business strategy at Hyosung. He was promoted to Assistant Managing Director in 2008, playing a leading role in the growth of the sectors of tire-reinforcing materials and industrial materials. In June 2018, he assumed the position of Chief of the Office of Management Strategy at Hyosung Advanced Materials. He has played a major role in achieving a stable result despite the unfavorable situation due to COVID-19.

Mr. CHO Yong-Soo © 2023 Hyosung
Mr. CHO Yong-Soo © 2023 Hyosung

Mr. CHO Yong-Soo’s profile

1. Birthyear : Born in 1960

2. Education : Graduated from Yonsei University (Department of Public Policy and Management) in 1986.

3. Experience :

01/1987Joined Hyosung (PS Sales)

04/1997Hyosung Group Innovation Team (Section Chief)

04/2000Leader, e-hyosung Team and M&A Team, Hyosung Corporation Strategy HQ

10/2003 Hyosung Corporation’s branch in Charlotte, United States

01/2008Leader, Hyosung Corporation’s Tire-Reinforcing Material PU Marketing Team 2 (Assistant Managing Director)

01/2011Hyosung Corporation’s Tire-Reinforcing Material PU specializing in steel wire (Managing Director)

01/2013Promoted to Senior Managing Director

06/2018Chief of Management Strategy, Hyosung Advanced Materials

01/2021Promoted to Vice President

08/2021Additional duty assigned: ESG management-related duties

03/2023Elected President of Hyosung Advanced Materials

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