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Tajima DG16 now integrates Coloreel tools for efficient design creation

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Tajima Software Solutions Inc, with its leading embroidery design software DG16, is the first to incorporate the Coloreel coloring system. This integration now makes it easy to assign any Coloreel color and effect directly in the design creation workflow.

With the new integration of Coloreel features into DG16, users no longer need to use a separate program to colorize their embroidery designs for Coloreel. This means that everything can be done within one software program, which allows for faster design creation and easier modification of existing designs. Additionally, there is a reduced risk of mixing up stitching and coloring files. With all stitch and color data now contained in one file, it is also more convenient to create multi-thread embroideries by combining Coloreel thread and traditional pre-colored embroidery threads.

The integrated Coloreel option is now available for all Tajima DG16 users.

"The Coloreel option provides a more efficient and convenient way for customers to create high-quality embroidered designs. We believe that this integrated solution will further enhance the creativity and productivity of our customers." said Mattias Nordin, SVP Product Management and Business Development of Coloreel.

"We are proud to work with Coloreel to introduce this integrated solution to our customers. We believe that it will help our customers create more innovative and high-quality designs." Said Claude Vlandis, SVP Business Development, Tajima Software Solutions.

© 2023 Coloreel
© 2023 Coloreel

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