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AATCC announces Flammability Symposium

AATCC is conducting a Flammability Symposium that will be held September 21-22 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Cary, NC. Textile combustion can originate from electric arc, actual flame or a variety of other sources of heat. The traditional nomenclature of “flame retardant textiles” is not necessarily the appropriate term to describe today’s textile materials used in the personal protective market, commercial markets and in a wide range of military applications.
There are many textiles that do not contain “flame retardant” chemistries or may not truly be retardant textiles.  A fiber, yarn or textile web (woven, knit or non-woven) can be chemically modified, synthesized or engineered to meet specific requirements as exemplified by the diverse products currently in the marketplace.
The differences in inherent fiber and “topical” treatments need to be explained and expanded upon to be inclusive of all of the additional methods of engineering textiles that resist or retard combustion.

This program is being developed to address the State of the “Art” or “Engineering” of this timely Topic.


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