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HeiQ launches HeiQ Synbio, an innovative cleaning line using prebiotics and probiotics

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Zurich-based materials innovation company HeiQ launches the new Synbio cleaning range in Switzerland. The patented technology uses probiotics, so-called “good bacteria,” to sustainably clean surfaces and textiles while protecting people, pets and the environment. With HeiQ Synbio, HeiQ is responding to growing consumer interest in health, hygiene and safety. The development of the products was made possible by the acquisition of the Belgian company Chrisal in March 2021.

HeiQ, the Zurich-based leader in material innovations, is launching a new range of cleaning products in Switzerland today. These contain probiotics (good bacteria), and are enriched with prebiotics (sugars that feed these bacteria). The HeiQ Synbio Cleaning Spray for hard surfaces and the HeiQ Synbio Allergen Spray for textiles are the first products on the market to use this patented technology to clean well and restore a balanced microbiome in people’s home. The cleaning effect can last for days after applying the products, as millions of probiotics continue to work on the surface of the materials.

A reduction of pollen allergens by almost 90%

About 35% of the Swiss are sensitized to allergens, 20% have a pollen allergy and more and more children develop allergies.1) Increasing allergies are a problem taken very seriously in our country. In addition, many of the problems and issues we battle in our homes today, e.g. funky shoes, dust mite allergens, mold in our showers or black gunk in our drains, are related to a microbiome that is not well balanced. HeiQ Synbio sprays are effective in breaking down stains and allergy causing proteins to clean even the smallest crevices and fine grooves while actively preventing odors. “Probiotic products are particularly helpful for people with allergies to dust mite matter, animal hair or pollen”, explains Nick Ritter, Sales Director Healthcare & Cosmetics at HeiQ in Zurich. “Studies have shown that probiotic products managed to reduce dust mite allergens by 60% and pollen allergens by almost 90%. Allergies are usually triggered by the proteins of allergen carriers. The enzymes of probiotic cleaning products break down these proteins and can continue to work for days after spraying.”

Proven results in hospitals

Dr. Robin Temmerman, microbiologists and CEO of HeiQ Chrisal, the Belgian subsidiary of HeiQ Group where Synbio products are produced, comments: “In their pursuit of perfect cleanliness, people have been using antibiotics and biocides for far too long and in excessive amounts, which can result in resistant microorganisms, so-called “super bugs”, that are a huge problem in hospitals. Our inspiration for the creation of probiotic cleaning products at HeiQ Chrisal was founded in our conviction that probiotics are the only true sustainable solution to maintain good hygiene.. Cleaning with probiotics balances the microbiome with the natural “good” bacteria that we need. Probiotic cleaners have been used for ten years in hospitals and clinical studies with not reported safety concerns, while contributing to decreasing infection rates. Today, more than 40 hospitals in Europe clean with probiotic products.”

Availability and price

HeiQ’s Synbio Cleaning Spray for hard surfaces and Synbio Allergen Spray for textiles are available in pharmacies and drugstores in Switzerland at the recommended price of 9.90 CHF (HeiQ Synbio Cleaning Spray) and 27.90 CHF (HeiQ Synbio Allergen Spray).

Switzerland on its way to reduce harmful ingredients

Many people are concerned about the amount of biocides and harsh chemicals used in daily life and worry about a healthy living environment, which prompted the European Commission (EC) to act. Switzerland follows the EC’s action plan for “zero pollution” in air, water, and soil by 2050, as well as the “green deal”, a regulatory framework that comes into effect in 2023 to promote biodiversity by reducing the use of chemical pesticides, antibiotics, and harmful ingredients. The impact of the EC’s “green deal” is strong. Probiotics are recognized by the EC Ecolabel as valid eco-friendly technology. HeiQ Chrisal’s SYNBIO cleaning products have been granted the EU Ecolabel. Probiotics are derived from natural source material, are not genetically modified (non-GMO), are not considered pathogenic, are readily biodegradable, and their degradation products are considered safe for flora and fauna. The volume of probiotic cleaning products will grow significantly, based on the changing legislation as well as consumers’ growing interest in health, hygiene, and safety.

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