Garmon introduces the greenofchange Days to strengthen the debate about sustainability

The 1st greenofchange® Day (c) 2019 Garmon
In the spotlight for 2019, the new appointments with greenofchange Days, the events that promote sustainable products and processes to transform the chemistry for textile industry.

Garmon Chemicals announces important news in terms of sustainable innovation.

The company keeps on promoting the greenofchange® platform, the system dedicated to the improvement of environmental safety and performance of textile chemistry. Following the success of the first greenofchange® Day, held in Jakarta the 16th November 2018, an intense schedule of international workshops takes shape trough a series of new appointments for 2019.

  • 11 March - Lahore (Pakistan) at The Nishat Emporium
  • 13 April - New Delhi (India)
  • Third/Fourth quarter 2019: Dhaka (Bangladesh), Shanghai (China)

As an innovative format that brings together textile industry stakeholders with the fashion community, greenofchange® Days involve teachers, opinion leaders and technicians, encouraged to share their expertise and best-practices. The goal is to improve the knowledge related to sustainability and develop new strategies to enhance the entire industry. Moreover, the greenofchange® Days give the opportunity to discover the innovative solutions developed by Garmon, such as the Stretch Care line, dedicated to increasing the quality and performance of stretch fabrics, or Avol Oxy White, an ecologically advanced substitute of potassium permanganate for denim local bleaching.

“For us, enhancing our platform trough the greenofchange® Days means to strengthen the involvement of the entire industry in the sustainable change,” con rms Donald Mulazzani, Marketing and Business Development Director of Garmon Chemicals. “A greenofchange® process constitute a concrete action to help the environment, an important response to the challenges of an industry that aims to be truly sustainable.”

The greenofchange® platform

With the greenofchange® platform Garmon offers a solid and innovative approach to the problem of sustainability in the fashion industry.

The greenofchange® requirements:

To respect the greenofchange® guidelines, garments must be treated with certi ed Garmon chemicals, through a nishing process based on the efficient use of resources.

The greenofchange® hangtag:

When the nishing process is compliant with all of the greenofchange® requirements, the brand can distribute the garments with a special hangtag that includes a QR code. Scanning the code, it will be possible to know the exact amount of the natural resources saved during the nishing of the garment, together with other information about the safety for the environment, workers and nal consumers.

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