A.D.I.VALOR, Healix, and Tama jointly close the loop on agricultural baler twines

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A.D.I.VALOR, Healix, and Tama have taken a decisive step together in their long-term plan to reduce the environmental impact of baling. Healix and A.D.I.VALOR are signing a multi year contract during the Pollutec for the supply of baler twine waste, where Healix also introduces its recycled polypropelene under the Healix® brand name. Tama, world’s largest producer of baler twines, at the same time launches a new circular polymer range of baler twine based on Healix’ products called Tama Cycle Twine.

The recycled polypropylene which is introduced at the Pollutec in Lyon, is the result of a close cooperation between the three companies. Used baler twines from the agricultural sector are collected and sorted by A.D.I.VALOR in France and supplied to Healix, the Dutch clean-tech company that aims to create a circular future for plastic fiber waste. Healix has developed a proprietary technology to transform these waste products to virgin-like recycled propylene with such a high level of purity that it can be used to make new baler twines. This development has been done in close collaboration with Tama, the Israeli company that has the ambition for greatly increased collection and use of waste materials in the near future. To help close the cycle, Tama also supports research to develop high-value secondary markets for these materials in their own operations and other sectors of the economy.

This development, and close cooperation is an important step in creating a circular resource loop for crop baling products which collects, and reuses spent materials. Healix and Tama have an exclusive cooperation for baler twine, but the material can also be used and is available for many other applications, both closed loop (big bags, geo textiles, maritime ropes, etc) and open loop (injection moulding, extrusion, thermoforming and films).

Pierre de Lépinau, CEO of A.D.I.VALOR. comments, "This agreement consolidates our ambition to achieve 100% recycled rate  for agricultural plastics used in France and will help develop the use of recycled plastics. We are delighted that TAMA, a leading company, is fully committed to the eco-design of their products, in a logic of circularity”.

“Tama is now the market-leading manufacturer but we grew out of a collective of farmers and have retained our connection to the land,” says Mr. Bart Cope, Global Sales Director. “Changing to more sustainable manufacturing methods will protect the land, so future generations of farmers can grow the food we all depend on.”

“Our products already contain the least plastic per tonne of crop baled and help farmers be more efficient by minimising breakages and downtime during harvest. The next step is more ambitious, we want to lead the industry in making changes throughout the product life cycle. This goal is not just for baler twine but also for netwrap. “

Marcel Alberts, founder of Healix and chief executive comments “I’m grateful to have such strong and committed partners and hope that we inspire others in the industry to make the same positive change towards a circular economy.”

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