Sitra lists Infinited as one of Finland’s most interesting circular economy companies

Infinited Fiber is delighted to announce that they have been included in The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra’s latest list of the ‘Most Interesting Companies in Circular Economy in Finland’. The list features 41 pioneering companies offering global sustainability solutions through means of circularity. Sitra has maintained a list of the most interesting companies in the circular economy since 2017. In that time, the circular economy has transformed from being something that involved a few pioneering individual companies to a profitable business model for an increasing number of businesses.  

“All the ingredients for a breakthrough”

“Potential to revolutionize the entire textile industry, whose environmental impacts are significant. A technology company with all the ingredients to make an international breakthrough.” 

That’s how the Sitra panel described Infinited Fiber Company on the case story page they created for them, and they couldn’t be happier with the evaluation, Infinited Fiber commented and named it another incredible step on their journey to make textile circularity an everyday reality. 

Showcasing at WCEF2021

Next up, they’re excited to be part of the World Circular Economy Forum 2021 (WCEF2021) Virtual Expo Showcase, taking place in Canada on September 13-15. This, the fifth WCEF, is co-organized by the Government of Canada and Sitra. 

Infinited Fiber CEO Petri Alava is among the impressive line-up of global thinkers and leaders speaking at WCEF2021. You can catch him on the September 14 Game Changer Session #4: Climate + Biodiversity panel.

"We’re looking forward to discussing groundbreaking circular economy ideas and solutions with fellow enthusiasts. This is a key event in circularity and we’re excited to be among the game changers seizing the circular opportunity through transformational change and collective efforts", Infinited Fiber announced with a view to the congress.

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