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Global stocks expected to drop by 1% in 2019/20 season

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For the fifth season in a row, global stocks are expected to drop in 2019/20, decreasing by 1% to 18 million tonnes. The global reduction is completely due to the 5.5% decline in China’s warehouses to 8.4 million tonnes; the rest of the world is expected show an increase of 3% to 9.6 million tonnes.

With global consumption projected to remain steady, the decrease in stocks comes despite an expected 1% increase in global production. India’s crop is expected to jump 12% to 6 million tonnes, with the USA — the world’s largest exporter — posting a 9% gain to 4.4 million tonnes.

The market has already been facing significant uncertainty due to the ongoing trade tensions between the USA and China, so the outbreak of Covid-19 only clouds the outlook further. Combined with the global economic slowdown, these developments have prompted the Secretariat to revise its current price projection to 79 cents per pound.

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