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BASF is combining digitalization and IT expertise in a single division

Digitalization is a key element of BASF’s new corporate strategy. The company has been addressing this topic for many years with great success. Since 2015, cross-divisional teams have explored the opportunities for the intelligent use of data and digital technologies, tested them in pilot projects and rolled them out in the company.
  • The “Digitalization & Information Services” division aims to accelerate the digital transformation at BASF
  • Christoph Wegner is the new Chief Digital Officer at BASF

Work in research and development has also been supported by digital solutions, with the Quriosity supercomputer being a main driver in this area. In order to pool all these activities and bring the experts from digitalization and IT closer together, BASF established the new Digitalization & Information Services functional division on January 1, 2019.

The division is headed by Christoph Wegner (49), who will also serve as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at BASF. “Over the last few years, we have shown how to implement digitalization in a chemical company,” Wegner explained.

“Now, the new organization will help lend more assertiveness to the topic. We will support the digital activities at BASF and drive them forward more quickly than before in collaboration with the colleagues from the different business units, functions and research and development units. We are pursuing a clear goal with this approach: We want to introduce new digital solutions which provide our customers with clear added value.”

Christoph Wegner (c) 2019 BASF
Christoph Wegner (c) 2019 BASF

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