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RadiciGroup technical nonwovens stops by at Index

Thanks to investments in new production lines, the Group has expanded its range of spunbond (DYLAR®) and nylon fibre (DORIX® - RADILON®) for industrial applications. Space for innovative ideas and solutions in the latest issue of the company magazine VOICES, distributed at Stand 2629
Index 2017 is an important opportunity for RadiciGroup to showcase (Stand 2629) the latest developments in nonwovens products, new investments and innovative processing technologies to the world of nonwovens: an offer, from RadiciGroup, that is continuously evolving at the service of its customers and is now even larger thanks to new production lines that are able to meet market requirements at best.

Tessiture Pietro Radici – part of the RadiciGroup Extrusion Yarn Business Area – is the company that specialises in the production of Dylar® spunbond nonwovens fabrics, designed – as well as for use in sanitation – especially for industrial application sectors, such as building insulation, the automotive industry, agriculture, furnishings and disposable products. The nonwovens fabrics are available in different weights and colours to meet the varying market demands and the range of choice is set to increase with the new production line currently under development.

“By the end of this year – stated Enrico Buriani, CEO of Tessiture Pietro Radici – a new production line will be put intoaction to manufacture spunbond fibres (based on Bico Technology), which will allow us to increase our production capacity by about 50%”. The new spinning system allows for the manufacturing of products with a broader range of technical features».

Also Radici Yarn and Radici Chemiefaser of the ComfortFibres Business Area, leaders in the manufacture of nylonstaple fibre for a variety of uses such as apparel, nonwovens,automotive and high-end carpets, have expanded their offering ofproducts for the abrasives (both household and industrial) andthe industrial felt sectors. This was possible thanks to furtherinvestment in new production lines designed specifically for thispurpose: the new lines are installed at the Radici Chemiefaser plant in Selbitz, Germany.

These new dorix® teck-branded products, in combination with the well-known Radilon® Staple Fibre range of products, will strengthen RadiciGroup’s presence in the nonwovens market. The new items are available in raw and solution-dyed versions and ensure excellent performance in any specific application.

“In 2011 – said Oscar Novali, Business Area Manager of RadiciGroup Comfort Fibres - we acquired a German company with 120 years of experience in the textile world, now known as Radici Chemiefaser GmbH, to complete our already wide range of polyamide threads and fibres. At our Bavarian site, we have invested in new production facilities and will continue to do so in the future in order to meet new challenges and provide our customers with increasingly innovative and efficient products”.

Index, which is held every three years, is an event of primary importance in the sector, which welcomes around 13,000 visitors from over 100 countries to the city of Geneva: a key event to exhibit top products and new items in the range for the entire nonwovens sector.

In the latest issue of the company magazine VOICES, dedicated to RadiciGroup products for technical applications, it is possible to gain further insight into ideas, initiatives and solutions developed by the Group, also in partnership with other companies of the supply chain, for playing a leading role in the global market.

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