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Picanol presents rapier and airjet innovations at ITM Istanbul

The ITM 2018 fair is held at the TÜYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul from 14 until 17 April. Underlining the importance of the Turkish market, the Picanol team will be exhibiting two rapier and two airjet weaving machines in Hall 2, Booth 216.

Picanol is since 1998 active in Turkey with an own organization and with offices in Istanbul and Bursa, employing a total of 26 people. Besides sales activities, they ensure local service, print repair and the availability of a strategic stock of spare parts.


Picanol has an outstanding track record in production of high-tech rapier machines. Picanol launched its very first weaving machine with rapier insertion in 1975. Since then Picanol has installed over 90,000 rapier machines throughout the world. With industrial speeds of up to 750 rpm, the OptiMax-i is unquestionably one of the world's fastest rapier weaving machines in industrial production. Highlights of the new rapier include increased performance, more rigid construction, new applications, smart energy efficiency, improved ergonomics and user-friendliness. The OptiMax-i is available in reed widths ranging from 190 to 540 centimeters. Furthermore, with its Guided Gripper system (GC) and Free Flight system (FF) it is also a very versatile. The Guided Positive Gripper (GPG) system has been developed for dedicated technical fabrics. Meanwhile, additional features have been developed to meet the ever-increasing demand for versatility include among others the Electronic Filling Tensioner (EFT), the SmartEye filling detector and the SmartCut filling cutter.

OptiMax-i 4-R 190, fancy denim

Machine configured to show the top speeds achievable with the OptiMax-i.

Warp: Co Ne 40/2, Density = 42 ends/cm, Drawing-in width: 179 cm

Weft: Co/El Ne 20/1, Pa/El Ne 14/1, Density = 29 picks/cm


Blue Box electronic platform

GCv gripper, combining high speed and versatility

Electronic Disc Cutter EDC

Foreseen for Quick Style Change

Stäubli dobby S3060


Picanol will also present its TerryMax-i rapier weaving machine, which has been developed for terry towel production. The direct electronic drive of the cloth fell mechanism guarantees a perfect pile formation and enables weavers not only to program the pile height loop by loop, but also to program the pre-beat-up distance of every single filling yarn, which in turn permits endless design possibilities. Special features include OptiSpeed, pile height monitoring and needle roller control. Besides the TerryMax-i, Picanol also has an airjet for terry production: the TERRYplus Summum weaving machine. This means that Picanol is the only high-end provider on the market offering both airjet and rapier terry machines.

TerryMax-i 8-R 260, terry

Picanol is also offering a terry machine on the proven rapier platform.

Warp: Ground: Co Ne 24/2, Pile: Co Ne 20/2, Density = 23 ends/cm, Drawing-in width: 247 cm

Weft: Co Ne 14/1, Chenille Nm 4, PP 270 denier, Density = 18 - 22 - 144 picks/cm


Blue Box electronic platform

OptiSpeed, Direct electronic driven cloth formation

Pile height monitoring

Needle roll control

Mechanical Filling Cutter

LED illumination

Stäubli dobby S3020

Picanol  TerryMax-i 8-R 260, terry (c) 2018 Picanol
Picanol TerryMax-i 8-R 260, terry (c) 2018 Picanol

OMNIplus Summum

The OMNIplus Summum is Picanol's high performing airjet weaving machine. It combines the latest technology with over 30 years of experience in airjet weaving. By introducing state-of-the-art technology in hardware and software, the OMNIplus Summum offers the next level to meet new market demands in terms of quality, performance and energy consumption. Built on the reliable BlueBox electronic platform, the OMNIplus Summum is packed with new features that enhance weaving performance and facilitate future improvements. The OMNIplus Summum is equipped with fully electronic pressure regulators, a separate built-in air tank for each weaving channel and a unique triple air tank configuration for the relay nozzles. This improves the user-friendliness and flexibility of the machine and significantly reduces energy consumption.

OMNIplus Summum-4-P-280, sheeting

Maximum speeds become possible without compromising on flexibility.

Warp: Co Ne 60/1, Density = 72 ends/cm, Drawing-in width: 274 cm

Weft: Co Ne 40/1, Density = 42 picks/cm - double pick insertion


BlueBox electronic controls

Air tucking in continuous reed

Blue22 prewinder

PRA II Plus, the most performing pick repair system in the market

AirMaster, for automated checkup of the air insertion system

ARVD II Plus, for lowest air consumption.

Picanol OMNIplus Summum-4-P-280, sheeting (c) 2018 Picanol
Picanol OMNIplus Summum-4-P-280, sheeting (c) 2018 Picanol

OMNIplus Summum- 4 - P - 190, bottom weight

The "performance" execution that brings an answer to the needs of bottom weight as well as denim weavers.

Warp: Pes/CO Ne 10/1, Density = 23,7 ends/cm, Drawing-in width: 167 cm

Weft: Pes/Co Ne 16,5/1, Density = 25 picks/cm


BlueBox electronic controls

HP, High Performance execution for unequalled industrial speed

TwinJet, for top performance

Blue22, prewinder

PRA II Plus, one of the most performing pick repair system in the market

AirMaster, for automated checkup of the air insertion system

ARVD II Plus, for lowest air consumption.

Hybrid harness frames


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