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Happy Customers: Successful weft-straightening systems

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In Turkey, recent PLEVA weft-straightening installations with several weft-straighteners StraightLiner SL and additional StructureDetectors SD on existing and new stenter frames showed their success at Boyteks. Boyteks is known as a prominent manufacturer of mattress ticking and upholstery fabric both in Turkey and the world.

With the used PLEVA weft-straighteners, complex and diversified woven and knitted fabrics can be easily handled and demonstrably perfectly straightened.

The SD measuring bridge in the outfeed guarantees direct "online" monitoring of the fabric in terms of skew, bow, width, and density. In addition, the control of the overfeed (inlet stenter) and stripping roller (outlet stenter), based on the measured values of the outfeed SD, guarantees its customers the highest quality.

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