Teijin to showcase mobility technologies and products via interactive site in response to new normal lifestyle

Teijin Limited announced today that it will begin introducing its mobility technologies and products to enterprise customers via Teijin Mobility Online,an exhibition website launching on October 1. The site will enable customers and the company to stimulate creativities and explore innovation opportunities responding to the new normal lifestyle.

Main Exhibits

The Teijin Group’s “PU_PA III” EV concept car

The PU_PAIII, an environmentally friendly electric vehicle (EV)conceptcar, is made entirely of proprietary high-performance materials and technologies developed by the Teijin Group. Such materials, and their various functions for components deployed in connected, autonomous, shared and electric (CASE) applications, will be introduced with 360-degree views.

AEV Robotics’concept car

Teijin strivesto be a company that supports the society of the future by contributing to SDGs, including by offering solutions for automotive applications and co-developing environmentally  friendly  zero-emission  vehicles  with  Australian  venture  company AEV   Robotics.   Teijin  Mobility   Online   will   present   AEV   Robotics’   concept   car incorporating  components  made  with  high-performance  materials  and  advanced processing  technologies  from  the  Teijin  Group,  and  also  AEV  Robotics’  concept low-speed electric vehicle (LS-EV).

New Tech Zone

Exciting   technologies   currently   under   development,   such   as  those  for   CASE applications, environmentally friendly materials and smart technologies, also will be showcased.

© 2020 Teijin
© 2020 Teijin

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