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BASF presents new Ultramid® copolyamide for film and monofilament applications

Improved transparency and softness for films and monofilaments (c) 2016 BASF
As of now, BASF offers a new, high-quality Ultramid® for film and monofilament applications such as fishing lines with Ultramid C37LC. Ultramid C37LC is a PA6/6.6 copolyamide. It allows manufacturers of shrink film for food packaging to achieve higher hot water and hot air shrinking. The manufacturer can thus forgo the otherwise usual admixture of amorphous polyamides, which makes the production process leaner and more efficient.
  • New copolyamide simplifies the production of films
  • Films become softer and more transparent
  • Higher strength of fishing lines
The improved properties of the product also avoid undesired curling of asymmetrical multi-layer films with polyethylene or polypropylene. These films are used for stand-up pouches, lid films and deep drawing applications, among others. By reducing the melting point of the Ultramid to 182°C, the usual effort for post-treatment in form of a water bath or the admixture of amorphous polyamides can be omitted.

Films produced with Ultramid C37LC have a low crystallinity and are therefore significantly softer and more transparent than films made of conventional copolyamide.

Improved tensile and knot strength of fishing lines
The product properties of Ultramid C37LC allow manufacturers of fishing nets and fishing lines, monofilaments, to improve the tear resistance or knot strength of their product. The production process for monofilaments is also becoming more efficient as the admixture of amorphous polyamides or caprolactam can be forgone.

"The new Ultramid C37LC is a huge step forward," emphasizes Frank Reil, Head of Marketing and New Business Development for Polyamides at BASF. "It will redefine the standard for shrink films and monofilaments. This is our way of fulfilling the industry's request for higher product quality and efficiency in the manufacturing process."

Ultramid products for wide-ranging applications
With more than 60 years of experience, BASF is the leading supplier of high quality polyamides and polyamide intermediates for the engineering plastics, film, fiber and monofilament industry. The product portfolio includes Ultramid B (polyamide 6), Ultramid C (polyamide 6/6.6 copolymer) and Ultramid A (polyamide 6.6). The product offerings are supplemented by technical services for our customers.

BASF operates Ultramid polymerization plants in Ludwigshafen, Germany; Antwerp, Belgium; Freeport and Texas, USA and Shanghai, China.

Pic: The new Ultramid® C37LC eliminates curl in asymmetric blown films
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