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200 exhibitors are expected at MAROC IN MODE and MAROC SOURCING (October 26-27, 2017) in Marrakech. While MAROC IN MODE presents Moroccan producers of all fashion segments, MAROC SOURCING is catered to suppliers of the apparel business, including fabrics, components, but also technical novelties. Renowned visitors from all over Europe have already confirmed their attendance, including fast fashion chains.
(c) 2017 Jandali
(c) 2017 Jandali

Around 1,500 - 2,000 visitors are expected with Germany being - this year's featured country. For the first time also Moroccan companies from the leather industry will exhibit their offer next to the fashion producers.

The Moroccan clothing industry  

In the 60s, Morocco was perceived as the sewing backroom of the European clothing industry. After the dismantling of the Multifiber agreement, many retailers relocated production to Asia, looking for cheaper costs of production. However, with the rise of Fast Fashion, these retailers are now looking for sourcing alternatives closer to home to be able to keep the pace set by this trend. Given its history and privileged relationship with one of the Fast Fashion leaders, Morocco is considered today a reliable sourcing alternative to the far shore countries. The country ranks 7th in the international supply chain, behind China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Turkey. These achievements were made following the significant developments that took place recently in the Moroccan textile and clothing industry. Under the aegis of the Moroccan Textile and Garment Industry Association, the unique service partner of the textile industry for 57 years, and in close collaboration with the Moroccan Government, an innovative and ambitious strategy has been put in place aiming at creating 100.000 new jobs, and generating €1.5 billion and €500 million additional turnover and exports respectively by 2020.

Kidswear, Koala; Modatric (c) 2017 Jandali
Kidswear, Koala; Modatric (c) 2017 Jandali

Morocco strives for "clean planet"  

The Moroccan producer New Wash Group presented its sustainable collection named “Koala” at Denim by Premiere Vision last April in Paris where it was met with huge interest. The choice of the name “Koala” was not fortuitous. Indeed, the collection is named after the animal that gets by with only very little water. Accordingly, washings and treatments are done with lasers, eFlow and ozone machines. Materials are recycled textiles and cotton, BCI certified, and only Green Screen chemicals are used.

“Koala” is part of a much larger initiative launched by the Moroccan Denim sector in collaboration with François Girbaud under the label “CLEAN the PLANET” for the production of ecological denim wear.

Morocco offers a wide product range

The Moroccan Textile and Garment industry offers a wide spectrum of products, including knitwear. Given the importance of this sub-sector, it was made into a dedicated ecosystem within the national textile strategy, with very ambitious objectives of its own, one of them being to generate an additional turnover of € 310 million by 2020.

Morocco´s knitwear sector is export-oriented and supplies major international clients. Manufacturers specialized in tricot/knit like MODATRIC, MONTEPULL, CONFECTION SALSABILE, ITEX, MAROC QUALITY KNITTING, and others will be exhibiting at MAROC IN MODE and MAROC SOURCING this year.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum Marakesch (c) 2017 Jandali
Yves Saint Laurent Museum Marakesch (c) 2017 Jandali

Marrakech and Yves Saint Laurent  

Alongside the famous museum in Paris, the YSL museum in the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech will be opening its doors to visitors on October 19th this year. Yves Saint Laurent´s works will be displayed in a 4000 sqm area and a permanent collection space of 400 sqm. The museum also includes a 130 seats auditorium where films about YSL will be broadcasted, a book shop, and a library of 5000 books. Built with terra-cotta stones from Morocco, the museum succeeds in blending perfectly with its natural environment. Twenty dresses in the “Colors of Morocco” will be in the spotlight, bringing an explosion of pink, orange, red, yellow and the radiant cobalt blue, alongside with flowing organza robes with veils of chiffon and capes with bright feathers. The garden´s rich flora with all its bougainvillea blossoms is mirrored in an impressive red cape.

If you want to discover the colors of Morocco, do not forget to visit the great bazaar, directly behind the Place Jemaa-el-Fna. For those who prefer to watch the hustle and bustle in a calm and relaxing ambiance, the restaurant Terrasse des Epices is the place to go before heading to the club Bo-Zin on Route de l’Ourika for drinks in a hypermodern surrounding.

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