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The importance of being transparent in the apparel industry

Bangladesh Denim Expo is specifically established to act as a hub where key denim industry players can congregate and share their passion for denim. (c) 2017 Bangladesh Denim Expo
The upcoming edition of BANGLADESH DENIM EXPO sets its main theme around TRANSPARENCY and promises to explore it with strategic key actions and unique events to be presented for the 7th edition, on 8-9 November 2017 in Dhaka.

The 7th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo warms up and officially presents its new daring main theme alongside a specific set of actions, events and displays that will shine the spotlight on one of the crucial issues paving the way to imagine the future of denim industry: TRANSPARENCY.

For the new edition, that is already expected to be the most successful one in terms of visitors and exhibitors, Expo will highlight the importance of the need for TRANSPARENCY within the entire denim development chain, showing the many progresses made by the Bangladesh Denim Mills and factories towards achieving greater transparency.

A goal that emerges also from the presentation of the official figures in advance of the upcoming show in November:

  • a total of 61 exhibitors and 11 countries represented
  • 44 foreign exhibitors and 17 local, with a greater number of Bangladesh exhibitors that has been featured on the show to give an even more genuine insight into the capabilities of the Bangladesh denim industry
  • More than 6,000 visitors expected
  • 41% of visitors from past editions were Key Influencers and Decision Makers like Chairman, CEO, Founder, VP, MD, ED, Country Manager, Buyer and other key stakeholders from the Industry.

According to the latest report of Fashion Transparency Index, only 32% of the total 100 surveyed Brands are publishing supplier lists. One of the goal of the expo is hence to provide practical and concrete answers to questions such as how much transparency trend is worthy, if it’s merely fashionable to go transparent or which actions can players adopt towards a more transparent approach.

In order to further explore this main theme Bangladesh Denim Expo will present a unique outline of themes and key actions that will deepen knowledge on this subject:

1) The meaning of transparency in fashion industry 

The goal of this sub-theme is to highlight how every product has a unique history, trying to shine a spotlight on the hidden journey that brings a garment to a consumer. The demand for transparency in the textile and garment supply chains is growing and today more and more customers want to know about the origin of products and the conditions where garments are produced.

2) Transparency and Sustainability in the industry

Analyze how transparency and sustainability, which has always been the core vision of the Expo, are directly linked by focusing on the issue of workers’ rights, highlighting the best practices to monitor working conditions and to improve them.

3) Empower the apparel industry in Bangladesh

The core objective of having transparency as the main theme of BDE is to empower the apparel industry in Bangladesh through three key actions:

  • Promoting transparency into practice
  • Growing enthusiasm toward transparency
  • Transparency through public dialogue

4) How transparency will be captured in BDE

The expo will highlight the importance of the need for transparency presenting the progresses made by the local Denim mills and factories in recent years, through several activities and special events including:

  • Transparency Wall: a graphic and detailed display of the progresses in transparency made by the Bangladesh denim industry.
  • Virtual tour of transparent manufacturing: a unique opportunity to see real examples of transparency with a 3-D virtual reality tour of denim mills, jeans factories and laundries in Bangladesh.
  • Display of outfits made transparently: a selection of denim garments showcasing the transparency aspects treated on the Expo.
  • Seminars and Sessions: eight seminars and workshops are planned to run across the duration of the two day event covering issues regarding, sustainability innovation and development as well.
  • Expanded Trend Zone: showing the latest novelties in denim fabric, garments and washing for the SS 2019 season.

“We believe that transparency goes beyond being merely fashionable and trendy. It is the foundation on which fair and trust-based businesses are built across the entire value chain, right from the final consumer to the farmer who grows the cotton. Everyone along the value chain must receive fair treatment, get the right value for their investment whether in terms of time, effort or money” claims Mr. Mostafiz Uddin, CEO and FOUNDER of Bangladesh Denim Expo.

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