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AATCC announces availability of blue wool standards

Documents for the AATCC Blue Wool Lightfastness Standard (c) 2014 AATCC
AATCC, the Association of Textile, Apparel & Materials Professionals, announces the availability of L2 lightfastness control fabric. The AATCC Blue Wool Lightfastness Standard is “one of a group of dyed wool fabrics distributed by AATCC for use in determining the amount of light exposure of specimens during lightfastness testing.”
A small amount of the existing L2 lightfastness control fabric, referred to as Lot 8, is still available. Effective immediately, there are no limits on the sale of L2, Lot 8. A new lot of L2 lightfastness control fabric, referred to as Lot 9, has now been produced, analyzed for color and fading characteristics, and approved. L2, Lot 9 will be available for purchase as soon as the supply of Lot 8 is exhausted.

AATCC research committee RA50, Lightfastness and Weathering Test Methods, recently approved revisions to AATCC test methods to clarify the use of L2 lightfastness control fabrics for both 5 AFU and 20 AFU tests. The updated versions of the following AATCC Test Methods are available for purchase from AATCC as downloadable PDFs at www.aatcc.org/products.

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