Schlafhorst market presence in China

Schlafhorst has taken part in two seminars of the China Yarn organisation. In May a seminar took place in Wuhan on the topics of ring spinning and automation. A greeting by Schlafhorst got delegates in the mood for the two-day seminar. In a video interview, René Bucken (head of marketing, senior manager sales) presented new solutions from Schlafhorst.
The second seminar in Suzhou from 21 to 23 October 2014 was hosted by Schlafhorst as main sponsor of the event.

Around 500 visitors to the seminar, mostly experts from Chinese cotton spinning mills, focused on new developments in package winding. René Bucken and Peter Gölden (senior product manager winding) explained the strategic aims and product portfolio of Saurer and Schlafhorst in various presentations and interviews. Product highlights from Zinser were discussed along with new developments relating to the Autoconer X5 and automation of the ring spinning mill.

Mr. Wang Guogang, chief editor of China Yarn, told Schlafhorst: "The manner in which Chinese spinning mills are opening up to markets outside China is taking on a new dimension. Although Chinese spinning mills have frequently produced goods for markets outside China in the past, they are now going a stage further and establishing subsidiaries in Asia and in the USA, for example, to be able to benefit from favourable basic conditions for textile production there.

Events like this help to create the necessary transparency, support the transfer of know-how and promote intercultural exchanges in the interests of both sides. It is an important step in meeting the challenges of the future."  

Pic: René Bucken, Head of Marketing and Senior Manager Sales at Schlafhorst with Mr. Wang Guogang, Chief Editor China Yarn (c) 2014 Saurer Schlafhorst

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