SHIMA SEIKI to exhibit at CISMA 2017

(c) Shima Seiki
Leading textile machine manufacturer SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD. of Wakayama, Japan will exhibit at the China International Sewing Machinery and Accessories Show (CISMA 2017) in Shanghai this month.

On display will be “Shima Cutting Solutions,” a fully integrated cutting system that incorporates the P-CAM182 multi-ply computerized cutting machine, the P-SPR2-16 fabric spreading machine, and the P-LAB16 automated labeling machine. In addition, SHIMA SEIKI will introduce new, updated PGM software on its 3D design system SDS-ONE APEX3. Applications of CAD/CAM systems for supporting areas other than fashion such as automotive and industrial textiles will also be shown.

P-CAM182ST (c) Shima Seiki
P-CAM182ST (c) Shima Seiki

APEX3 is also at the core of SHIMA SEIKI’s “Total Fashion System” and is capable of realistic simulation that allows for virtu- al sampling, minimizing the need for costly, time- and resource-consuming sample-making in a variety of industries such as circular knitting, flat knitting, weaving, pile weaving and printing.

Also featured will be knitwear produced on SHIMA SEIKI’s latest line of computerized knitting machines. The new “i-Plating” option on the SVR SP-type computerized knitting machine, combined with sinker patterns produced with the patented moveable sinker system, as well as inlay patterns using loop pressers, a whole new world of patterning becomes available for truly diverse knit design. Hybrid knit-weave fabrics produced on the SRY-series computerized knitting machine will also be shown.

Exhibits are:

  • P-CAM182 - Computerized cutting machine
  • P-LAB16 - Labeling machine
  • P-SPR2-16 - Spreading machine
  • SDS-ONE APEX3 - 3D design system
  • SRY and SVR-SP knit fabric samples
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