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SHIMA SEIKI to participate in 15th Tech Fashion

SDS-ONE APEX3 - 3D Apparel Design System (c) 2017 Shima Seiki
Leading Japanese computerized knitting machine manufacturer SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD., together with its Brazilian repre- sentative BRASTEMA TECNOLOGIA TEXTIL LTDA., will participate in the 15th Tech Fashion shows, a series of private exhibitions held at three locations in Brazil during July. The exhibitions will be a showcase for the company’s latest com- puterized flat knitting technology, presented through fashion shows as well as machine exhibits at each venue.

On display will be traditional shaping machines, such as the benchmark SVR series, the workhorse SIR series and eco- nomical SSR series as well as the novel SRY machine capable of hybrid knit-weave fabrics. Most noteworthy however is the flagship MACH2XS WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machine. Featuring such innovations as the original SlideNeedleTM on four needle beds as well as the company’s patented spring-loaded moveable sinker system, MACH2XS can knit beautiful, high-quality 3D Items with dimensional structures and details that are uniquely WHOLEGARMENT®, all with very high effi- ciency while minimizing dependence upon labour-intensive sewing and linking.

These qualities of WHOLEGARMENT® knit production are maximized in combination with the SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system. At the core of the company’s “Total Fashion System” concept, APEX3 provides comprehensive support through- out the apparel supply chain, integrating production into one smooth and efficient workflow from yarn development, product planning and design to production and even sales promotion. Especially effective is APEX3’s capability to improve on the design and evaluation process with Virtual Sampling. Ultra-realistic simulation capability on APEX3 allows Virtual Sampling to minimize the significant amount of time, cost and material spent during the sample-making process. With this new manufacturing model, the production cycle can be shortened to such an extent that on-demand production can revolutionize the supply chain to support mass-customization and increasing consumer demand for e-commerce applications.

The fashion show will feature the newest creations in WHOLEGARMENT® knitwear by a local knit designer.

Pic: MACH2XS123
Pic: MACH2XS123

Show Details

15th Tech Fashion, Caxias do Sul

Date: Wednesday, 12th July 2017

Hours: 9:00AM ~ 9:00PM (Fashion Show 10:00AM; 3:00PM; 7:30PM)

Location: BRASTEMA TECNOLOGIA TEXTIL LTDA. - Rua Visconde De Pelotas 2473 95020-500 Caxias Do Sul / Rs / BRAZIL - Tel: +55-54-3022-7400

15th Tech Fashion, Águas de Lindóia

Date: Tuesday, 18th July 2017

Hours: 4:00PM ~ 9:00PM (Fashion Show 5:00PM; 7:30PM)

Location: OSCAR INN HOTEL - Rodovia SP 360 KM 177, 13940-000 Águas de Lindóia / SP / BRAZIL - Tel: +55-19-3824-9000

15th Tech Fashion, Águas de Lindóia

Date: Wednesday, 19th July 2017

Hours: 9:00AM ~ 9:00PM (Fashion Show 10:00AM; 3:00PM; 7:30PM)

Location: TRICOTMAC COMERCIO DE MAQUINAS E PECAS LTDA. R Joaquim Raimundo de Souza, 105 - Pq Ind Humberto Corsi 13940-000 Águas de Lindóia / SP / BRAZIL Tel: +55-19-3824-1665

Exhibited Technology

MACH2XS153 08L - WHOLEGARMENT® Knitting Machine

MACH2XS123 15L - WHOLEGARMENT® Knitting Machine

SWG091N2 10G - WHOLEGARMENT® Knitting Machine

SRY123LP-SV12G - Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

SVR123SP-SV14G - Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

SIR123-SV 14G - Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

SSR112-SV 14G - Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

SDS-ONE APEX3 - 3D Apparel Design System

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