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YiwuTex 2017 brings new insights to effective textile production

The 18th edition of YiwuTex will be held during 13-15 June 2017 at Yiwu International Expo Centre, Zhejiang Province, PR China. With the aim to help garment manufacturers to enhance productivity and save cost, the “Functional Knitting Machinery Zone” will gather top-notch knitting and hosiery enterprises, including Zhejiang Yexiao (knitting machinery product development and manufacturing enterprise) and Hefei Opek (fully computerized jacquard hat & scarf knitting machine manufacturer) etc., to present their novel technology and intelligent production equipment.
Zhejiang Yexiao –a technological innovation leader
With nearly two decades of rich experience in manufacturing knitting machinery, strong technical force and sophisticated production equipment, Zhejiang Yexiao has two manufacturing centers and a product R&D center. At YiwuTex (Booth No.: A1E25), Yexiao will mainly display computerized hosiery machine and flat knitting machine, along with its star product “6F Computer Terry / Flat Machine”, which has the following features:

1. Capable of weaving one main color and five secondary colors for each line
2. Each sock can be weaved in thirteen colors
3. Capable of weaving 3D pattern socks
4. Equipped with stepping motor to regulate tension of yarns and weaving density
5. Comes with sensor for automatic protection of computer and electronic parts
6. Suitable for producing functional socks such as football socks, varicosity socks, thickening socks, etc.  

Hefei Opek – an intelligent equipment manufacturer

Hefei Opek is a professional manufacturer of high-speed fully computerized jacquard hat & scarf knitting machines. Their products are exported to over 30 countries worldwide. To ensure high product quality, OPEK has professional CNC workshop for spare parts manufacturing. With stable performance, high quality spare parts and good after-sales service, OPEK H-Speed Hat & Scarf Knitting Machines have been enjoying good reputation in both domestic and overseas markets.

OPEK will set up booth at YiwuTex 2017 (Booth No.: A1B12) and showcase the “OPEK 365 H-Speed Hat & Scarf Knitting Machine”, which features the following:

1. The incorporation of advanced technology from Germany
2. Fast weaving of various complex patterns and colors with high precision, and supports customized knitting based on product design features
3. Fully computerized system and software to load knitting programs for more accurate and convenient operation
4. The latest triangle design and the equipment of 11 sets of 16# high-speed and stable selection actuators 

Famous exhibitors and remarkable concurrent events

In addition to “Functional Knitting Machinery Zone”, YiwuTex 2017 also features “Smart Apparel Machinery Zone” and “Digital Printing Machinery Zone” to help industry players to improve competitiveness. Other famous exhibitors who joined the exhibition include: Santoni (Italy), Lonati (Italy), L.G.L. (Italy), Yamagen (Hong Kong), Groz-Beckert (Germany), BTSR (Italy), Fenghua Xingyu, Shanghai Ruifang, Honst Textile Machinery, etc.

A series of symposiums will be held during the show period to cover hot topics of the knitting industry. Seminar topics include: “The Commonly-used Compression Stockings in China and the Newest Pressure Testing Standard”, "High-end Customized Single Needle Socks Machine Made in Italy", "DRYARN®, the Unique Fibre for Every Sport" and "Running of the Smart Production Line". The well praised Knitwear Display Zone will also continue to showcase the latest knitting techniques, fabric technologies and printing patterns.

Last Chance for Online Pre-registration

The visitor pre-registration for YiwuTex 2017 is reaching its final countdown. Grasp your last chance to enjoy priority to attend onsite seminars, and to be free from queuing for onsite registration. Please visit official website for free admission and more show details. YiwuTex has also recently transferred its Wechat to a new account and visitors could scan the QR code below to follow it for the latest show updates.

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