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Monforts will launch new patented modular interchangeable coating system at ITMA Asia

The new Montex-Allround coating system for technical textiles will be presented at for the first time at ITMA Asia (c) 2014 Monforts
A new modular, interchangeable, coating system for technical textiles, the Montex-Allround, will be unveiled by A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG at ITMA Asia in Shanghai, China, June 16 - 20 on stand number A01 in hall W1.
The new modular coating system ensures ease of adapting to the coating method required. The new patented concept provides the solution to integrate a wide variety of coating, printing and other innovative application techniques.

The position of the coating head, for example, directly within the fabric infeed of the stenter ensures the shortest distance between the infeed and the coating head; essential for high quality coating processes.

The Montex-Allround also features individual modules for knife and slot die coating as well as modules suitable for flexo, gravure and rotary screen printing.

Pic: The new Montex-Allround coating system for technical textiles comes with several individual modules

Integration of special modules such as powder scattering and spraying is also possible.

The modules are carried, cleaned and moved with a specially-designed trolley which provides easy access to the side of the stenter infeed with the minimum downtime.       

An explosion proof cabinet for treating certain solvents is also available for the new modular unit ensuring safe operation with the operator standing outside the enclosure.

Pic: The new new Montex-Allround will be shown at ITMA ASIA + CITME booth A01 in hall W1

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