ITMA-Asia + CITME-2014


Bräcker with key components for ring spinning at ITMA Asia

The Bräcker redORBIT Spinning Ring – is Bräcker‘s answer to the Chinese market‘s requirement (c) 2014 Bräcker
At the ITMA ASIA 2014, Bräcker will exhibit their well known, high quality key components for ring spinning machines.
Bräcker redORBIT Spinning Rings – Designed for the production of high quality yarns at top speed
The redORBIT ring is the cost-optimized solution for the system “ring holder and supporting ring”. This makes redORBIT Bräcker‘s answer to the Chinese market‘s requirement for a ring offering low hairiness combined with attractive IPI values at elevated operating speeds.
redORBIT specifics:
  • increase in speed and production
  • higher stability in traveller running
  • reduction of yarn breakage
  • consistent and improved yarn quality
  • no thermal damage when processing synthetics
  • cost saving design of ring, ring-holder and support-ring
  • optimum heat conduction traveller to ring
  • optimal price/performance ratio thanks to optimal material combinations
Bräcker OPAL® Spinning-Rings – the SWISS solution

Custom-built exclusively for Chinese ring spinning frames
The Bräcker OPAL® ring is the answer to the demands of today’s fast paced spinning industry, where the spinning mills have to work with very tight cost control, whilst adapting quickly to the ever faster changing markets. In combination with Bräcker travellers, it produces yarn qualities which customers are used to achieve only with well-known European quality rings.

The Bräcker OPAL® features the following advantages:
  • they are custom-designed and suitable exclusively for Chinese ring spinning frames
  • they produce best possible yarn quality
  • they do not require a special running-in time
  • they offer high productivity from the very installation of the ring
  • they feature an attractive price / performance ratio
  • they correspond to Swiss Bräcker quality parameters
  • they are designed for a lifetime of about 5 years
30 Million TITAN Spinning RingsBräcker has been able to maintain its leadership position in spinning rings with their TITAN ring, of which so far more than 30 Mio pieces have been sold to successful spinning mills around the world.

Bräcker Ring / Traveller systems
Bräcker says that their continuous efforts in developing new travellers, in response to new requirements, allow them to constantly introduce new travellers to optimize productivity and efficiency of the most modern ringspinning machines.

Bräcker will also exhibit the proven accessories such as:

  • TITAN and ORBIT spinning rings and the relevant travellers
  • PYRIT and ZIRKON travellers for especially demanding applications
  • Cost saving tools such as the Bräcker RAPID for easy and time saving insertion of travellers
  • The well-known and appreciated range of BERKOL Cots and Aprons
  • BERKOL® supergrinder grinding machine

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