Teijin to exhibit carbon and aramid fiber solutions at China Composites Expo 2017 in Shanghai

The Teijin Group announced that it will participate in China Composites Expo 2017, Asia's largest composites exhibition, in Shanghai from September 6 to 8. Some 500 exhibitors will take part in the annual show.

Teijin continues to leverage its core strengths in the development and manufacture of high strength lightweight materials and composites, and aims to become recognized as an enterprise that helps to solve social issues. The comprehensive presence of the Teijin Group at CCE 2017 will help expand its presence in China and underscore its commitment to delivering advanced solutions that meet the growing needs of the Chinese market.

The Teijin stand (A1120-1121), which will be organized by Teijin, Toho Tenax Co., Ltd. Opening a new window, the group's carbon fibers and composites business, Shanghai-based Teijin Aramid Asia Co., Ltd. Opening a new window, the group's aramid fibers business, and CSP Victall, a Chinese joint venture of a newly affiliated Teijin Group company Continental Structural Plastics Opening a new window, will display a number of solutions, including:

TENAX® carbon fiber, for the growing market in industrial applications such as the production of leave springs for high-speed train networks, wind power generating equipment and hydrogen gas tanks

Sereebo®, the world’s first mass-production technology for carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP), which improves production efficiency by reducing molding times to less than one minute, allowing the speedy mass-production of automotive parts such as front bulkheads

TCA Ultra Lite®, a 1.2 specific gravity, e-coat oven capable advanced composite offering a premium Class A finish with paint and gloss qualities comparable to metals (including aluminum). Samples of automotive parts including a front fender will be displayed.

Twaron®, Technora®, Twaron® Black and Technora® Black para-aramid fibers for use in the production of industrial equipment such as pressure vessels and circuit breaker rods, and with various applications in civil engineering; deep-black versions of high-tenacity para-aramid fibers suitable for use in the manufacturing of boat hulls and sails will be also showcased (previously available only in yellow)

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