Lindauer DORNIER GmbH
Rickenbacher Strasse 119
88129 Lindau/Bodensee
Company Profile
Lindauer DORNIER GmbH was founded in 1950 and initially manufactured shuttle weaving machines. Then textile finishing machines were added and these supplemented by dryers for the paperboard, paper and gypsum fibreboard industry as well as film stretching machines for the production of high-quality plastic films, products with which Lindauer DORNIER GmbH nowadays counts among the world's market leaders. With the introduction of a shuttleless weaving machine in 1967 the stage was set for the company's advancement to being the biggest German and at the same time internationally renowned weaving machine manufacturer. In 1989 the delivery program was completed by an air-jet weaving machine. Today, the company achieves 70 % of its total turnover with its system family consisting of rapier and air-jet weaving machines.
Supply Program
Weaving machinery
Rapier weaving machines
Air jet weaving machines

Weaving machinery for special purposes
Label weaving machines
Other weaving machines for special purposes
Weaving machines for carpet and rugs
Weaving machines for terry fabrics
Weaving machines for leno fabrics
Weaving machines for glass, aramid or carbon yarns
Weaving machines for tyre cord fabrics
Weaving machines for heavy fabrics, for paper making felts and for wire filter fabrics

Auxiliary machinery for weaving preparatory, weaving and tufting
Automatic exchange systems of warp and cloth beam and loom harness (Quick Style Change)

Technical information sources
Technical publications (including online publications)

Software and systems for data monitoring and processing (CAM, incl. controls)
Data monitoring and control systems for the weaving industry
Company Products
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